Sprouting Growth for All

I can feel the trees awakening in the forest as I sit on the mountain top listening to the snow melt in the warm Colorado sunshine. Nestled among the trees on my yoga mat I contemplate and am moved by nature’s rebirth each and every spring. The water is dripping off the rooftop of the house as the season shifts to Spring. Every day I can see more spots of the rich dark earth peeking through the melting snow. As I take off my t-shirt and enjoy the sunshine on my skin I am reminded of my own rebirth.

This past fall I journeyed across the United States from Pennsylvania to live in Colorado. I had never seen this side of the country, I had never seen the Rocky Mountains. A variety of spiritual connections has called me to these mountains. Many of my closest friends, people that know my deep connection to nature, who understood why I want to be in Colorado. Colorado has a ton of state and national parks. I was drawn by the clean living culture in Boulder as well as the availability of healthy, organic, and earth minded food choices. Living in harmony with nature IS my lifestyle and having access to resources to support my lifestyle choices is an important element in every day life.

I have felt very at home and accepted since I arrived in Colorado. I have seen many other people like myself with shaved heads. My values are highlighted by legal marijuana, loose attitudes about alcohol, conservation of the land, celebrated spiritual diversity, reasonable public transportation, positive outlooks and a generally more positive feel everywhere I go. Yoga is part of the popular culture here and I have felt supported in my yoga journey since my arrival.

Yoga is a trans-formative alchemical experience for me. It pulls my body and mind together in order to feed my soul. I can feel myself become more and more connected to the here and now through my daily practice. I can feel my muscles stretching and am reminded how far I have come with my practice. I am reminded by my ability to adjust when balancing into poses I couldn’t do before. My balance poses remind me of my ability to focus and be present in the moment. The strength poses like warrior and plank remind me of my ability to build muscles and to change my body into a healthier vehicle for my Spirit. There was a time I could barely hold plank for a half a minute and now I easily can hold the position for several minutes.

As I stare at the mountain covered in trees I am inspired by the dense forest in my view. Inspired to change, shifting myself into a more peaceful me. Shifting into more love, more acceptance and an open heart. I feel my heart swell with gratitude not only for the forest before me but for yoga’s ability to transform me. Rebirth me. Even on the days I struggle with coming to the mat I feel like the process slowly moves me to positive change, over and over again. Each yoga experience is another step towards rebirth and the experiences vary in intensity. The daily practice brings me inner peace that has deeply enlightened my human experience. By the time my practice is over I feel connected to the divine and enlightened with clarity about my purpose.

DiversiTree feels divinely inspired partly by my yoga experience, astrological happenings at the moments of creation and how easily the diverse group of people came together. My experience leading to the creation of DiversiTree helped me to realize that not only was I capable of inspiring others but they also inspired me. This amazing group of talented people who answered the call to begin DiversiTree in a good way are a continuing source of inspiration. I am moved not only by their diversity but also by their excitement to share their experiences. We are giving a voice to the LGBTQ spiritual community as well as a ‘home free’ perspective. We are bringing sex positive queer friendly people together and witnessing the gathering of divinely lead beings gathering together to lift each other up.

As the moon moved from Aquarius to Pisces, I was inspired to build an online community for inclusive spirituality. The main theme of DiversiTree is spiritual INclusivity that which drives us to lift each other up and to inspire love and peace among us all. DiversiTree is open to all paths and does not discriminate towards anyone. If your intention is love, peace and lifting each other up we welcome you. We welcome all spiritual paths and encourage the oppressed to allow your voices to be heard. We encourage you to step forward and express your inclusive spirituality or your magikal craft. We want to learn and understand each other’s experience with the divine in order to enrich our own journey and create understanding. I personally believe understanding and clarity lead to peace.

As I squeeze DiversiTree out of my already busy schedule I am reminded that each and every one of us has a purpose. I am full of gratitude for all that happens to me, even some things that people might see as negative. So called negative occurrences in life are now brightened with a silver lining as I find gratitude for all parts of my life. I am moved and inspired by my community of contributors, you have my gratitude and you are a source of inspiration. We each have talents that the world is awaiting. As we as individuals develop our talents and skills the world benefits a little more. As each of us reach within ourselves we pull out what burns from within in order to inspire others to do the same. When we reach inside, whatever methods we use, we find what really lights us up and inspires us. We know what these things are, deep within our soul.

I am a healer, have been my whole life. Currently, I work with the elderly, alzheimer’s, cognitively impaired and other individuals needing long term nursing care, LetsDanceActivities.org – When I walk away from a session of Let’s Dance I know in my heart that this is the work of the divine. I find myself grateful for my talents and grateful to be awakened as to how I can be of service to the world at large. I don’t want to just reach the pagan community, yoga community, queer community, or aged community. I want to reach everyone. I am a radical genderqueer citizen of the world with a mission to spread happiness, love and empowerment to those I encounter. I want to be part of healing our world. I romantically fantasize about a peaceful world that thrives with supportive equality, conscious evolution, celebrating diversity and inclusive spiritually with inspired communities. I am humbled at the idea that any of the things I am currently involved in fit into my romantic ideas. I am moved at the opportunities before me and strive to make the best of my situation.

I feel reborn at this time, just before this holiday that focuses on fresh starts, renewal and new beginnings. This winter I have given birth to divinely inspired businesses and connections. I am grateful to be at this point in my life and give yoga most of the credit for its alchemical influence on the soul. As I sit in lotus on my mat I am centered and rooted like a tree. Flexible, strong and ever changing I recognize the divine within myself. I am surrounded by love and support as I step forward with DiversiTree. To all of you out there that feel oppressed, small or unheard we hope to offer a safe space to explore the depths of inclusive spirituality and perhaps be moved by divine inspiration to spread love and peace wherever you go.

by Hollis Taylor

http://www.diversitree.org A Divinely Inspired Publication for Inclusive Spirituality

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