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Why ‘Happy Holidays’ ?

Originally posted on Ace Shades blog ‘Broken Winged Guardian’.

So we are now in December which means it’s the Holiday Season! While this is a time that a lot of us are filled with joy and excitement this is also …

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Choose Hope- A Community Response to Despair

Written by Ace Shades (A Divine Androgyne in the Christian Faith)

The second weekend of October the First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado hosted ‘Choose Hope’- A Community Response to Despair. The main focus of this was mental … 1

Yes I Am a Christian

Originally posted on Ace Shades blog; Broken-Winged Guardian

Disclaimer: In this blog I will mention ‘God’ and use genderless pronouns while mentioning Them. I do this because to me God is both a mother and a father to Their creations. …