DiversiTree's Divine Story

Divinely Inspired, Astrologically Aligned, Communally Built, Online Publication for Inclusive Spirituality

DiversiTree was divinely inspired through Hollis Taylor with the love and support of Arial Taylor during an astrological occurrence that some astrologers might refer to as a revolutionary spiritual shift. In the wee hours on a cold and snowy night deep in the forest on-top of a mountain near Boulder, CO. Hollis and Arial were inspired to bring together a group of writers that have the potential to consciously support the evolution of the human race.

Bringing together some of the most spiritually diverse queer sex positive people to write on the evolutionary movement towards inclusive spirituality. Hollis and Arial reached for the soul searching queers, sluts, freaks, weirdos, dirty hippies and other consciously evolving humanitarians and environmentalists willing to share their experiences with the world. They reached out for those bringing a conscious message of love, peace and inclusive spirituality. Spirituality that not only tolerated or accepted who but also celebrated our differences. Spiritual paths invented by mixing the best parts of many paths into a path specifically built for each individual.

DiversiTree presents a group of writers that have found their own paths to inclusive spirituality and today they are ready to share their experiences with you. We intend to increase understanding of a variety of perspectives and to create a place of celebratory diversity. Our differences are what makes this world such a fascinating place and when we celebrate them we are able to easily lift each other up in a way that can bring success for everyone. Like a tree we respect, support and are at least some part connected to each and every branch of spirituality.

All of our writers have explored a wide variety of spiritual paths including Wicca, Buddhism, Judiasm, Paganism, Ravers, Queer Spirituality, Christianity, Burners, Home Free, Yoga, Drumming, Community Evolution, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Unitarians and many other paths traditional and undefined. The one thing everyone has in common is a willingness and a determination to practice inclusive spirituality. We want to include everyone so that EVERYONE feels welcomed and celebrated!

As humans evolve physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we find that a conscious evolution could lead us to more love and peace in our world. If enough of us come together in clarity and understanding than we can continue to spread love and peace throughout the world. With that intention we are divinely inspired to bring our readers content to support in the conscious evolution towards inclusive spirituality. We are here to lift each other up, please join us in discussion in the comments of any post. This is a group effort and we intend to include our community of readers as much as our contributors.