Valentine’s Day- Celebrating All Love

It is that time of year where we again find ourselves surrounded by pink and red decorations while commercials spewing about the ‘perfect gift’ play on repeat. It is time for the hearts of the experienced, who have felt this beat before, and the  youngsters, who are still just learning about love, to find their hearts fluttering as they write words of affection on heart shaped notes or to buy heart shaped boxes of chocolate or roses the color of the passion burning in their hearts. To play sappy songs that coo about how beautiful the other person is or just the sound of instruments that make the heart feel what words can not gain. The time again has come for some who are left single to feel their hearts brake as they watch the love sick lovers flaunt their love.

However this holiday has a side that is not as expressed. This holiday finds a child working tirelessly over a portrait of their beloved family to show how much they love their parents. This holiday finds a parent writing words of encouragement and affection to show just how much their bundle of joy means to them. This holiday finds friends hugging each other and sharing small gifts of affection to show how much they value the friendship.

On Valentine’s Day we are bombarded with the word ‘love’ and how we should show our affection for our ‘special someone’. Thing is though, love is one word to express an emotion that has thousands of different faces. Love is the arms that comfort you. Love is the hand that holds yours as you wait for the test results to come back from the doctor. Love is the eyes that see you, all of you, and care for what they see. Love is the hearts that cherish the very thought of you. Love is the feeling that speeds up your heart and warms you from within. Love is the furry friend who cuddles with you when you feel alone. All these forms matter. Love is the most beautiful and most powerful emotion we humans feel. It can send us flying high above the clouds. It can have us conquering demons we thought we could never face. It can have us laughing and rolling on the ground, our lungs burning from need of air. It can also break us. It can rip out our heart and stamp on it. Loosing it can send us over the edge into a lasting darkness. Every one of us has felt both the highs and lows of love and have felt hundreds of its forms for multiple different people. So celebrate them all.

Celebrate Androgynes 

Celebrate your partner or partners

Celebrate your parents

Celebrate your children

Celebrate your grandparents

Celebrate your cousins

Celebrate your siblings

Celebrate your aunts and uncles

Celebrate your nieces and nephews

Celebrate your friends

Celebrate your pets

Celebrate love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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