Why ‘Happy Holidays’ ?

Originally posted on Ace Shades blog ‘Broken Winged Guardian’.

So we are now in December which means it’s the Holiday Season! While this is a time that a lot of us are filled with joy and excitement this is also a time where a lot of feathers get ruffled. With some Christians saying there’s a ‘war on Christmas’ and the other religions with holidays around this time asking for their holidays to be respected there can be a lot of tension mixed in with all the holiday cheer. And it’s sad.

Thing is Christians, the majority of what ‘Christmas’ is is taken from pagan traditions. The only Christ part of Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth. That’s it. The rest has been stolen. Does that mean we shouldn’t celebrate the other parts? Hell no! My point is be aware of where our traditions come from and also stop being disrespectful to those who don’t celebrate the Christian side of Christmas or don’t celebrate Christmas at all. One of the things that makes our country great in my opinion is the diversity of cultures and religions living together. As Americans we are free to celebrate our cultures and our religions in peaceful non harming ways and that means that yes ‘Happy Holidays’ is the politically correct term to use at this time. Or, if you know what holiday the person celebrates, say Happy or Merry _. When someone says ‘Happy Holidays’ they are usually not trying to attack you or offend you in fact they’re probably trying to do the opposite. When I encourage people to say ‘winter break’ instead of ‘Christmas break’ it’s not to end Christmas it is to respect the fact that our children and employees come from diverse cultures and religions and I want to respect them all. To me and my family it is Christmas break because that’s the holiday we celebrate but, when I don’t know what a person celebrates (or if they even do celebrate any holiday during this time), the polite thing to do is to generalize the statement.

Mainly, my point is there is enough hatred in the world without us fighting over which holidays are more important. I won’t be offended if you say something besides ‘Merry Christmas’ because what matters is that you are wishing me joy and well being in your way.

So Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukah

Joyous Yule

Happy Kwanzaa

And all the other Holidays around this time that I apologetically do not know the names of.

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