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Editor for DiversiTree.org

When your actual existence, the very things that make you who you are, is an ACTUAL joke that has been around longer than you have, life can be pretty difficult. People have been laughing at you (or have been offended by you) since before you were even thought of. With the deck stacked against you, before you even begin the game, life can feel down right hopeless.

It did, life did feel hopeless. Life felt like a horrible movie that I was struggling to remember the plot to, not quite sure of the details but very clear on the feeling. I remember how I felt and who I thought I was in place of the actual chronological events that took place. As the world spun around, my world became very sheltered and guarded, emotions becoming soldiers that were deployed on command instead of by their own free will. Meanwhile, in the very top of this mental fortress, an old spirit grew older, laying dormant for the day it would finally break free.

That day has come, the spirit has been freed, and the darkness now begins to fade into a triumphant memory.

Although I still can’t remember everything, accepting that things will come back to me with time has already begun to help. Please bear with me for the parts that are still a bit foggy.

But for now, allow me to introduce myself as I am presently.

My name is (currently) Daryl Burt, and I am a third gender transmasculine shaman. I am an artist, a writer, a musician, a dreamer, a jester and a truth-seeker. My weapon of choice is knowledge, my favorite color is grey and I’m better at making tea than I am at making phone calls. The Sun, rock n roll, and love are what keep me going. Through writing and storytelling I hope to connect people who otherwise would not have had the privilege to meet, and allow for others to share their stories as well. I hope to help expose the false differences that cause tension between the people of the world, but to help others live a happy life regardless of the world’s troubles.

I am stepping up as editor of DiversiTree! Thank you for this opportunity.

Daryl Burt

I was born and raised in Northern New York in November of 1996, but spent much of my early life in North Carolina. I have been writing, drawing, and singing since before I could remember, and my love for nature and the world around us has grown as I have. Much of my time was (and still is) spent outdoors, which led to my discovery of shamanism and the fantastic community that follows it. And although my path is very shaped by my Native American, Irish, and Scottish heritage, it continues to wind, grow, intertwine and expand as time goes on.

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