Yes I Am a Christian
Featuring Ace - A Transman GenderQueer Christian

Originally posted on Ace Shades blog; Broken-Winged Guardian

Disclaimer: In this blog I will mention ‘God’ and use genderless pronouns while mentioning Them. I do this because to me God is both a mother and a father to Their creations. Also, I will refer to ‘God’ as my God. I do this because I respect that the God I believe in is not what everyone else believes in and that by just saying ‘God’ is saying ‘the God’ and that sounds far to ‘my God is the only God’ for me.

“Wait you’re Christian?” the wide eyes with the shocked tone of the words have ceased surprising me a long time ago.

I understand that I am not, nor do I have any desire to be, the stereotypical Christian. I’m pansexual, trans, disabled, believe in science, and get along with people of other races, religions, cultures, etc then myself. My main rule with people is if you respect me and my views I will respect yours, even when we don’t agree.

I understand people’s surprise. I don’t go walking around with a large cross hanging from around my neck (though there was a time I did after my grandmother passed away). I don’t go walking around holding a bible tightly in my grasp nor, honestly, do I even own one. I don’t go walking around shoving my religion in everyone’s faces because I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me so why would I do that to someone else?

I understand people’s surprise. But frankly, it’s really annoying and a bit hurtful. It saddens me that so many people actually find the fact that I do my best to be a decent human being a non Christian thing to do. Since I was a child I was taught that my main job as a Christian is to share God’s love with the world and to lift up the fallen, heal the sick, clothe the unclothed, love the unloveable, and visit those who are imprisoned.  That’s what I was taught yet doing my best to follow that teaching makes people laugh when they learn what religion I follow. Yes people a person can be non heterosexual and be Christian. Yes a person can be transgender and be Christian. Yes a person can be disabled and be a Christian. Yes a person can love people that are non Christian and be Christian. Yes a person can believe in science and be Christian. A Christian is simply someone who believes in their God and that this God created the world and all  living beings on it. That They loved us so much that They sent Their only child to die for our sins and that the world has come to know this child as Jesus Christ. That’s it. That’s what a Christian is. All the rest is up to the person and how they want to express their love for God and God’s love for them.

Some people say I should be happy that people are shocked I’m Christian because that means they see me as a decent human being instead of a bible thumping screaming hating hypocrite. Yes this fact does make me happy but that doesn’t stop the annoyance and little bit of hurt.

Frankly, I’m proud to be a Christian. I’m proud to come from a church that has always been there for me and my family. My church supported me when I came out as lesbian and still supported me when I realized I’m pansexual. Though not all of my church family knows I’m trans the ones that do have all been supportive and done the best that they can with respecting my chosen name and my pronouns. My church family mourned with my family when we lost family members and have celebrated with us in the birth of new family. They visited and supported my mom as she battled lung cancer. They have supported my Dad in the times that he has been laid off from work and celebrated when he got a new job. They supported me as I took the first step into being independent by leaving my parents’ home. I’m proud to be a Christian and I’m proud to have come from this church family just like I’m proud to be all the other pieces of what makes me me. I am not perfect. I am not better than anyone else nor less then anyone else. I am simply a human being and the creation of my God.

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  1. Butterfly says:

    I’m so happy that you are Christian! We need more people like you who focus on love and living their lives and not worrying about who uses what bathroom.

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