A Heartfelt Letter to the Dead

ZuraMat - A Modern Day Wanderer
An amazing piece by one of our favorite wanderers, ZuraMat. DiversiTree publishes the word of the Homefree as a way to carry their overall message about our industrial culture.

A heartfelt letter to the “dead” by your modern day wanderer, Zura Mat!

-As I’m standing here feeling the wind on my face, trying to soak in this exact moment, I’m overwhelmed with your presence. I can’t help but think back to that day. With a clouded mind, the first poem I wrote without you was “She is The Wind”. I honestly don’t even remember writing it (in sharpie inside of my old, worn out glasses case due to lack of paper).. A broken hearted attempt at selfishly holding on to you a little longer. Now that I reflect on the words that poured out of me that day, it becomes clear. It was you, telling me how to stay connected. So as the rainy day wind makes the trees sway, I feel a wholeness knowing you’ve just grown to be something bigger. I remember that peace that we both longed for while you were still here with me in human form. Running from state to state with no direction, not looking back at the institutionalized way we were forced to survive. Searching for a purpose, hoping for some release from the mess we thought we caused our lives to be. I know now that you ARE that peace that I finally feel today. That is why you became the wind. A lesson that took almost a year to become clear. So now I will continue to wander, with you blowing through my hair..

But this time it’s not a search for purpose, it IS my purpose. I love you!

“She is the Wind”  By Zura Mat

She is that wind

That enters your lungs

The moment that

You decide that you’re worth

More than that hole in your arm

She is the sun

That kisses your nose

The morning when you realize

That a new day brings new promise

And you will live no longer

Just for you..

Now you live for her.

The things she left too soon to see

The beauty in realization..

In nature..

Inside of us..

You show her those things

Because she is the wind

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  1. kissy says:

    I love the way I can visualize u reading this …..rip Kat n love u hal

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