Happy Yule – Out of the Darkness comes the Light!

Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado

By: Nicholas C. Katsikis

“CHEERS”!! ….
Voluntarily we intoxicate ourselves. Whether by food or drink, or some euphoric exotic or other personal libation our physical pleasures and mental prowess are altered. We consciously choose to leave for a time, the mundane realm, and heighten our awareness of the vibrating “Other world”.
Records from Yuletide, Christmas and the Winter festivals held in the Northern hemisphere have for years been a scene of revelry. Celebration and joyous, ruckus exultation of emotions, the feeling of connection to the spirits of the past and future are held in every house and home. In the far north of the frozen tundra, images of Fly agaric mushrooms and frost clad faeries adorn illustrations and festive solstice prints and holiday cards. From window dressings, ornaments and gift wrapping to toys and games, the endorsement for stepping over the winter threshold and entering a land of wonder and lighthearted fun is abundant through out the winter season.
Urging the wonder and awe in the myths, stories and late nite adventure of the solar festival is also a small way we stimulate minds to being aware of the unseen. The thought of flying reindeer and of a gift giving, magick worker laughing jolly about the munchies he has, while stuffing old socks with tricks, charms and toys plays on the imagination. Gift giving and involving all the “good” boys and girls of the world, really symbolize the participating in the myths and celebration of mind altering happiness. The thrill of fighting off anger, depression, loss, grief, solitude, darkness and all it represents begins with choosing to engage in stepping out of ourselves and reality.
Through song, carols, dance, feasting and making merry brought on by the altered mind, we find magick and energy in the dark half of the year. Dazzling visions of twinkling lights, music and parties assists in the propulsion of the sensual journey from dark into light, from ignorance into awareness. We journey to those fantasy places our minds collectively enjoy, we dress in holiday attire, we invite ourselves to go back in time and remember our vitality. In our youth the discovery of what the unknown has to offer, (the exchange of wrapped gifts is a symbol of this) teaches us to safely cross into the realm of the spirit. This is where trust in magick first begins.
Inspired by the romance of mistletoe superstitions and the legends of winter we honor the mysteries and traditions passed down generation through generation. In the hidden secrets of the turning wheel of the year great change and the deepening of our roots are felt. The glow of flowing, cozy dream-states brought on by intoxicants, by specific rhythms and by revelry bring us closer to the seat of the soul. Here the spirit reminds us through visions and through song that our ancestors are close. Though our path to the future at moments may be dark and burdened, we know in time light will return.
So as you drink deep your family, your lover, your feast, honor the crossing over of the self from the dark unknown into the aware, joyous truth – you are full of wonder, of magick and of personal power. By using the gift of perception this season and seeing into the lesson of change we may come away from the dark with illumination, bringing great things with us as we go.

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