Count Down to the New Year “2016”

Photo by Precious Souls Photography
Happy New Year from - By Nicholas Katsikis

by Nicholas C Katsikis
Count down begins, and we rush to jockey for position. Each individual elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder cram together willingly at every bar, every restaurant and in every public gathering place.
In many homes across the world the turn of the fiscal year from old to new is celebrated with a fervor.
Tremors of anticipation and excitement for the community of man and woman preparing for the yearly ritual of New Year’s Eve ripple in the conscious mind. Memories of the painful and the stressful fade and become dampened.
They blur just as the images outside a window blur during a heavy, cleansing, Spring rain.
In the shift of time and focus so profoundly felt worldwide, the dance and movement from the season of Lammas and the late days of summer drive us onward. Watching the darkening of light increase and counting the long, waxing nights one by one we find ourselves rushed passed the Autumnal vanguard all the while wishing we had more time to see the leaves change.
Inspired by the sugar rush and ‘skelping’ invitation of the ancestors, we feel deeper and deeper emotions as the Samhain veil lifts. The third harvest is brought in and we rejoice as the Yuletide holiday approaches.
Challenges faced though more to come, we are stronger moving out of the old year. Having explored our connections and honed our skills and abilities, we encourage a tighter union of our everyday with our “higher selves”.
From myth to form, the rebirth of the Sun and the waxing light after the Winter Solstice reflects our own growth and want for better and brighter days in the coming year.
We are reminded through the celebrations held during the season of Hope, that when we give space for gratitude to speak up before attitude does, good and great things happen. With calm, assertive minds and a thankful attitude we begin to rule over our own choices and our lives, we inspire others and lead by example.
“12!..1!1..10!” laughter turns to a hot second of silence as many, many people sync up their intention for one moment in the whole year. Acquaintances old and new, family friends, chosen kin and tribe all gather to hold space for the memories, rhythms and loved ones reflected in ‘auld lang syne’.
You hear it, feel it participate in it. “9!..8!..7!” voices, loud and excited carry thru the nite, warming the very air. Few turn to dozens, dozens turn to thousands, before “6!” is shouted into the face of the dissolving year, Millions of vocal yells are chanting out in harmony, each to the oncoming glory of a New Year.
“5!..4!..3!..2!..1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” Song and story, adventure and safari, time and tide all flow through this one channeled path created by each and every soul, past and present who has ever held that scared moment when hope is set free in the world.
Here at the crossroads our work begins again, a clean slate is available to some, a new start for others.
In the coming months ahead our goals will change and our choices will guide that.
Creating more options in our lives and the world around us, we become the answers and the solutions.
In this newness and fresh horizon we praise how far we have come and respect how far we still have to go.
Humanity in all its forms has its challenges and its strengths but I believe in the wise and honest heart beating in all peoples. I know we are destined to grow and mature, I know we will age with peace and kindness.
This year I encourage the action of loving something up when its seems challenging.
I wish everyone to make the mental and emotional change from hate to compassion, from judgment to love.
When a person, place or “thing” becomes a difficult reality, if the choices and actions of another moves us in an uncomfortable way, or when our ability to Understand escapes us totally, I invite you to replace any judgment you would make with unconditional Love. Love the best of the situation or person, love it up so much so that there is no room for judgment. The past year(s) have taught us about compassion, about celebration, about the common truth we each have, which is to be loved, validated and seen. When we all take the initiative to honor one another and project gratitude and love unconditionally rather than a poor or uncaring attitude, more ‘good’ things will happen in our lives. This deep work happens fast, the change around us may happen in hours or days but, the feeling of growth and maturity of heart will be immediate.

Happy New Year from

Happy New Year from – By Nicholas Katsikis & Photo by Precious Souls Photography

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