Blessed are the Non-Beautiful

As an autistic person, I often stand out. People always tell me how sweet or childlike I am. On the other hand, people stare and laugh at me because I say or do the wrong thing. I am used to this and accept it as the price I pay for being autistic.

It is with great happiness that I declare I am not pretty. Before someone thinks I hate myself, let me clarify that I am merely stating a fact.  Here’s why having average looks is a blessing, not a curse.

  1. I blend in if I stand or sit quietly and don’t speak.
  2. I am also blessed with the privilege of age. I am now past the age where I can expect to get catcalled and harassed on the street by men. I am not looking for male attention.
  3. I never had the luxury of relying on my looks, which decrease with age. Instead, I was forced to develop my mind and my personality. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about being without resources as I age. My intelligence and my personality will not deteriorate as I age.
  4. I miss out on the “joy” of being treated as a sex object or being seen as an accessory for a man.
  5. Other women do not automatically see me as a threat just because of my looks.
  6. I am not expected to be fashionable or trendy, which saves me tons of money.
  7. I am not tempted to follow dangerous diets or wear shoes that deform my feet for the sake of beauty.

I am blessed that I have the luxury of choosing not to sacrifice myself for appearance’s sake. As long as I blend in with the crowd and am dressed for the weather, that is enough.


Over 40, Bisexual, Autistic and part of the OTO, this contributor is the creator of “on the Spectrum” column

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  1. Wouldn’t it be fantastic though to NOT blend in, therefore being more authentically you?

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