Take Out Your Toys- the Pink Moon and Sexuality

Our sexual desire ebbs and flows just like the tide does. It is not a stagnant nor static thing. It is fluid. It is not too off base, then, to think that our sexual energy may also be affected by the robust moon (as well as the other phases).

Each full moon, within varying traditions, has a name. The names are generally based on the weather patterns, or more likely, agricultural signs. April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon in reference to the pink moss that begins to show itself at this time of the year. This moon signifies the beginning of the sprouting of spring and is a tease, a taunting almost, of what is to come into bloom. The earth is beginning to wake from its winter slumber, shaking off the last bit of snow, the last bit of cozy, comfy blanket in anticipation of the frolicking that abounds.

We are not unlike the earth in this way. Our sexual desires get affected by the seasons, too. Sex is not insignificant in winter. As a matter of fact, it is a great time to be indoors, under the blankets, cuddling close to your beloveds to stay warm and cozy. The sexual activities, however, of the coming season sees more outdoor flirting, teasing, and partnering. The next phase of our sexual interactions can’t help but be influenced by the energy of renewal and rebirth.

The Pink Moon.

Pink. Full. Robust. Engorged.

I thought about this for a while and what came to mind was the flush of the body when it gets excited. When the face feels the rush of blood from a moment of excitement. I thought about the arousal cycle, the engorgement of the body parts, as if they are waiting to spring forth new life, new existence. It is a great time for renewal, for increased tantalizing as well as increased tension (the good kind).

April’s Full Moon is a great time to try something new with your lover(s). To think about what you want to manifest in your relationships sexually. Where do you want the depth of your sexual encounters to go? This is the time of planting those seeds of thought and desire. The energy of this full moon is about newness.

In preparation:
Slough off any leftover pieces of winter’s love, pull out any dead brush and do this before approaching your beloveds. It is a good time for a deep cleaning, more than your general scrub. Our sexual implements carry energy in them. Spring cleaning is not just for the house. It is also for our more intimate implements. Take your love pieces out, all of them. Cleanse (not just clean) the ones you are going to keep and get rid of the ones that are stagnant, the ones that no longer influence motion. Just as you would want to sweep out the energy in your house, stagnation in the items you use during intimate moments with yourself and your partner(s) (or more likely, haven’t used) still leaves a residue that films your interactions.

Now is a great time to introduce that new item you have been wanting to try!
Now is a great time to try that new massage move you read in a book.
Now is a great time to cuddle outside, to kiss under the budding trees, to walk barefoot together feeling the grass turn green again.
Now is the time to stretch.
To stretch toward the sky, arms up, body bared to the Pink Moon and ask for what you want.



Christine Laplante, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Sex Therapist who has been writing, providing counseling and teaching for over 20 years on connection, sexuality and communication.

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