Gathering a Garden

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Ostara, or however you choose to spell it, is about rebirth and new life.  Entering this season of new beginnings I am a proud “soon to be” parent anxiously awaiting the arrival of my child to cherish and bring up in a magical and loving manner. I am blessed to have a very good friend that is more of a sister in a spiritual way and also my fellow witchy sister. She has this inner calling that she describes as a need to be pregnant for those who are not able to have children themselves. She is bearing a child for my husband and I. Does it need to be said that she is an earth affiliated witch? Probably not. Overall, she is one of the many people I am happy to call family.

Spring brings us the arrival of gardens. As I write I am multitasking between typing and moving my seedlings from their little, wet, napkin sleeping bags to their own mini pot pallet trays. Spring is the season for freshness and new happenings, so why not roll up your sleeves and play in the dirt? I’ve always found that the best way to make gardening even more fun is to decorate different areas in the garden. I like to arrange fun sculptures and shiny, colorful ornaments in whimsical ways. I make a spot for all faeries and fairy folk alike. I also have a habit of allowing some plants to grow out too far and bump elbows with others. I choose to grow both herbs, fruits, vegetables, and blooming flowers. They money saved at the grocery store feels great, however the best feeling for me is to make a fresh meal and having a majority of the ingredients come from my own backyard or window box, knowing that they were grown with love and not just mass produced to fill shelves.

If you are a family, or in my sense a soon to be family, this time of year allows us to break open our windows and doors and venture back outside to the world to enjoy its delights. Some Spring days have weather that still keeps us indoors. Working in a daycare center has me coming across some very interesting games and this board game is a definite family friendly substitute to playing in the garden until you have dirt caked under your nails.

This is Gathering A Garden


This is a pretty amazing game to show kids at an early age that making a garden is fun. I would like to point out is that it is not just family friendly but ECO-friendly too, it’s made of 75% recycled materials.


The game pieces, shown here resting on the game board, come in this adorable muslin bag that can be re-purposed to hold seeds or herb clippings or anything that strikes your fancy. You also get this fun spinner that looks like seed packets.


When the game is set and ready, your objective is to run around the open air greenhouse and go to each stand and collect 1 fruit tree, 1 vegetable, 1 blooming flower, 1 herb, and 1 bird to complete your garden. Be careful on your run, because some of the stepping stones have “Return One” engraved on them which causes your garden to lose your lovely plants.

Ostara is a holiday that is best to be celebrated rolling in the grass, breathing deep the earthy soil smells, and slowly stripping off coats to prepare for tees and tanks. So take time out of your busy schedules and plan a weekend to view the soon to bloom cherry blossom trees in Washington DC, make a list of future summer plans while resting by your garden, and just enjoy the mere fact that the colors of Mother Nature will soon cover the scenery.

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